Achieve the most exquisite customer Experience for your restaurant 

By developing a visual MENU for your restaurant, your customers can visualize and get information with the ease of one click.

Our mission is to create opportunities. Our vision is to enable restaurants to provide the best possible service. 

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For you

What we do

Qmenu’s main objective is to improve the experience of restaurant dining by making it easier and more accessible to decide within the ordering process

We make this possible by creating a visual presentation of a restaurant, which can be found through a QR Code.

By scanning the QR Code, a personalized page will be shown of a restaurant which displays exactly how the offered dishes look and its additional but essential information.

Mouth watering examples from our favorite restaurants

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Enhance & advance the customer experience for your restaurant

QMENU provides a constant monitoring of the website and QR-Code. The videos and personalized menu are easy to update, this way you are always assured of a coherent menu. 

If ingredients are added to the dishes or there are completely new dishes added to the menu, we will come to film, edit, post and all the changes.

We cherish and cultivate long-term partnerships with our results-driven mindset and business-first approach.

The Team


Joe-Harris Ihuoma
IT/ Service Design
Thoole van Leeuwen
IT/ Service Design
Huseyin Bilgili
Sales/ Customer service
Steven Bemelman
Marketing/ filming

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Admiraal de Ruijterweg 375-2

1055MB, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Phone: +31636456904

Visualizing & Digitalizing the Catering Industry

Visualizing & Digitalizing the Catering Industry​

Pizza Margherita

The best kind op pizza's you can think of

made with love

€ 9.50

Tomato sauce and mozzarella



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