Garden pea & zucchini soup   

Edamame & mint

Savoury pancake                    €

Spinach, goat cheese, walnuts and honey

Sweet pancake                        €8

Apple, raisins, lemon and homemade pear syrup


Caesar salade                     €14,5

Chicken, Parmesan cheese, soft-boiled egg, little gem, croutons, bacon, anchovy dressing

Quinoa Salad                         €12

Mango, feta cheese, red onion, goji berries, lime-coriander dressing.

                    Coleslaw                          €4

           Mixed Salad                   €4


Black Angus hamburger       15

Cheddar, bacon, red onion, lettuce, tomato, pickles & French fries.

Chicken satay by ‘Tante Door’


With peanut sauce, pickled cucumber, fried onion and French fries

Dry aged rib eye (200g)     €22,50

Pancetta, artichoke hearts, cherry tomatoes, papas panaderas,
vanilla-red wine gravy

          French fries                   €3,5

          Sweet potato wedges   €4

Chana Masala                     €17

Garam masala curry, coconut milk, sweet potato, broccolini, chick
peas, lotus root

                    Coleslaw                         €4

           Mixed Salad                   €4

Grand tortelloni                    €18

Fresh pasta, bell pepper-almond sauce, artichoke, Parmesan waffle

                    Coleslaw                         €4

           Mixed Salad                   €4


Tropical Brownie               €7,50

Mango-Malibu coulis, coconut sorbet

White chocolate panna cotta


Belgian chocolate, watermelon coulis, raspberry waffle

Dutch cheese platter          €12,50

Abbey cheese, Blue de Graven, Arina, red cheese, quince, raisinbread

Pizza Margherita

The best kind op pizza's you can think of

made with love

€ 9.50

Tomato sauce and mozzarella



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